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“WOW” Decor Ideas for Elegant Wedding Trays

The celebration of joy and bonding is what we call wedding. As the word refers to, there are lots of phrases that sprout out to add on a value and generate uniqueness to this festivity alike moment. Wedding is lot more of a tradition and yes, we can gaze it through the practice of using wedding trays, which is a pride offering. The occasion claims its name through celebrating minute beauties.  Why can’t we adorn these wedding trays and rock your D-day. Here are a set of “wow” ideas to décor the wedding trays that turn out to be super stunning. 

Styling tips for trays:

  • Use different heights of trays to draw the eye up for an interesting visual.
  • Create a colour palate. At least three complimentary colours according to the wedding theme on the tray.
  • Add small objects such as decorative boxes, bridal dolls and idols.
  • Use a variety of laces with different textures to blend with the colour theme.
  • We can make sustainable trays too using decorative materials like dry flowers, shells, stones, paper flowers and trays made up of palm leaves and coir.

Trays for Wedding Rings

A perfect wedding tray décor can be adorned with flowers made of paper, satin or sponges and we can place the ring boxes in it. The choice of flowers can be chosen accordingly to the wedding theme colour. A cardboard can be cut into ring shape and wound with red velvet which brings a festive look. The rings can be arranged in a stylish way. This makes the ring tray highlighted on stage.


A Wedding Scene

Miniature attracts all age groups. We can create miniature bride and groom with bridal attire. A tray covered with silk cloth or satin .Flowers made of cloth based on theme, can be placed as a back drop for dolls. This tray can be used to keep some ornaments or auspicious jewellery which is offered.

A Nutty Tray

A nutty tray comes out with different styles. These trays are displayed as a heritage importance from olden days. The exhibit of these nuts shows the wealth of the bride or groom’s family.The nutty tray can have plain wooden plank or silver or golden base where we can arrange all mixed nuts .The creativity in arranging the nuts makes the tray as a masterpiece on the stage. The nuts can be arranged in form of lehenga or kurta too.

Coconut Decor

Coconut is an inevitable fruit that’s used for all auspicious occasions and it turns out to be Gods fruit as well. Coconuts which are made as an offering can also be embellished with a creative twist and Here how it is! The coconut coir can be removed and smoothened with sandpaper. Add on charm with vibrant colours and embellish it with stone works.

Crunchy Candies

Candies are the symbol of sharing the happiness. Having candies in the wedding trays expresses the joy of welcoming the bride or the bride groom. An Indian wedding is incomplete without these colorful candies. These candies can be customized for weddings, by printing the names of the bride and groom on the wrapper.

The tray used for candy can be may be in acrylic or simple metal trays. The trays can be covered with a net cloth and a satin which gives an elegant look. The candies can be lollipops, rocky candy, candy sticks, gummy candies, butter cream mints and almond candy coated chocolates.

Sheer Material

Sheer cloth ranges from sarees to trays and is being used as a new way of showcasing the wedding trays by covering it in a presentable manner. By doing so, the offerings are neatly placed and partially seen as well.

We at Maakshi make you feel special on your D-day,  adorning every minute wonders. We are a designer label for handcrafted couture for Bridals, Wedding and Ethnic Occasion. We are here to get along with you to celebrate your new innings. Book your appointment now! Make your wedding an enduring moment.

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