You are currently viewing 5 Evergreen Bride Avatar from Bollywood! Which one are you?

5 Evergreen Bride Avatar from Bollywood! Which one are you?

Being a Bride is one of the best moments in every girl’s life and for sure each one out there has their own wish list to accomplish for their big day! While one may have many things planned for their wedding, we have just put across 5 types of bride for all of you. Identify and see which one you resonate the most with.

Trust us on one thing, you will definitely end up associating with at least one or may be a few more personified bridal characters we have put down here. Each of these are defined and basis a certain style, general behavioral attributes which finally reveals your ‘Bridal Avatar‘ as we call it. 

So go ahead and read further to find out which one are you 😊

#1 Poo of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham!

“Kaun hai jisne mujhe mud ke nahi dekha” who doesn’t remember this epic dialogue from the movie K3G. This kicked off a different fan following for Kareena from hereon.

Designer lehenga for bridal
Kareena Kapoor Khan from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

But all the Bride-to-Be, checkout your inner self and figure out if you like such high decibel attention, always wanting to be looking best and yeah most importantly always appreciating the high spirit of the new fashion around the corner. Having bae’s always by your side adds to this phenomenally!

Finding yourself into the shoes of this character? Just remember you are too hot to handle! Celebrate your wedding to the fullest 😊

#2 Kalindi from Veere di Wedding

“Commitment Phobic!” Does this sound familiar to your behaviour. While a certain order of nervousness and anxiety is natural with everyone who is getting married, however there can be a high order of anxiety when someone realizes that this is the final knot of life!

Wedding lehenga for bridal wear
Kareena Kapoor Khan in Veere Di Wedding

You love all the functions, concept of wedding, in fact everything about it. But still the idea of your own marriage gives you goosebumps. Well let us assure that there is nothing wrong it and this group of bride-to-be are just more anxious with so much curiosity in their head! So, if you are finding yourself associating with this, fikar not and just go ahead with your vows! You make an awesome Bride which cannot be compared!

#3 Poonam from Vivah

Well this movie had been such a slow starter to a blockbuster in Indian families. A bridal character resonating well groomed ethics and cultural reminiscence is what this Avatar all about.

Indian Dresses for women
Amrita Rao in Vivah

Having a complete rhythm towards slow romancing, being a typical shy character but extremely notorious within and having high regards to the customs and traditions that Indian culture brings. So if you find yourself reflecting these attributes, you should be proud to accept and display them, everyone knows these traits are a rare gem these days 😊

#4 Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

“Hey mujhe ladki mat bulao”, what a cool dialogue by Kajol this was. Well the character of Anjali was so much cool and fun filled.

Were you also an athleisure, tom boyish, always with hair bands, a short bob (not necessary), easily use to make friends with guys and at the same time, now you can pull off that traditional sense, have that ethnic sense into yourself. You like the idea of being into new feminine grown up version, then you have landed in this avatar.

Wedding Lehenga for Dulhan

Well the most important point is that You are the coolest of all! So hang in there and just be as cool as you were and enjoy your own wedding with great fun!

#5 Ananya from Two States

This simply means, you are smart as hell! You have no damn care of what people think about you, always encouraging your loved ones, of course the prettiest girl everywhere, being afraid is not your thing and most importantly you know how to show people their place! Yes, such a high-quality bag this is!

Wedding Lehenga for Dulhan
Alia Bhatt from 2 States

But yes, truly an aspirational Bride segment to be, and no reason of not being super excited if you associate with this segment. You make a progressive bride and personify a complete modern woman of today! Keep the way you are and just set examples.

No matter what type of bride you are, it is all about making the occasion as special as possible, after all everyone is going to just see the Bride-to-Be and that special wedding lehenga for dulhan. Just be the princess and keep glowing everyday with beautiful smiles, happiness and love because what really matters is that you are able to be the person you are and enjoy that person every single day!  

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  1. Sagarika

    Really seems like one can find at least one avtar to resonate with!

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    This will surely help to relate one with their bridal avatar

  3. Srushti

    This is soo cool….as it is said that every indian girls wants a dream bollywood style wedding…and this is how one can choose 😉
    Loved it…my favourite will be poo 😋

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