You are currently viewing Getting Married! Here’s why you should choose a Designer Bridal Lehenga Custom made only for you!

Getting Married! Here’s why you should choose a Designer Bridal Lehenga Custom made only for you!

Your wedding will be a memory of lifetime and it needs to be pampered well with whatever means it can be. An exquisite and exclusive lehenga designed just for you is a piece of Art and will surely gather you all the compliments from whoever you can think off. You will look just awesome for that cherishing wedding photography in your best avatar!

Read further to know what makes a custom designed lehenga the best choice 😊

wedding lehenga for bridal
Pink Color Lehenga Choli Design

#1 Nothing can replace a Perfect Fit which you get with a Lehenga made just for you!

Who doesn’t want to look stunning and ravishing on their wedding day? Going with customization means, A wedding lehenga for bride which has a perfect fall, fits to your body like it’s your own skin will always find complements coming all over. With this you also get away with the hassles of trying many lehengas, choosing a design and then starting the journey to get its fitting done to your measurements.

Now a days you can find the custom made wedding lehenga for bridal wear on the click and get everything done at home!

#2 You get to design your lehenga, which complements your style

Lehenga for reception
A Pataka Bridal Style!

Your style statement reflects in whatever you wear, and you wouldn’t want it to go wrong on your wedding at least, Afterall its your big day and everyone will have an eye on you. Everybody has their own style and their own Wishlist about their wedding functions, some want things to be quirky, others like it royal, few may like it going all over with random stuff.

Lehenga for reception
A Roadie Style Bride!

You choose the style which goes best with you and get your outfit reflect your true side too!

#3 You get exactly what you want – Everything is as per your choice

A bride may have simple ask when it comes to their bridal outfits, however getting them all fulfilled with a ready to wear Indian dresses is quite challenging. So, if you’re the one who doesn’t want to give your choices a skip, then just opt for getting your lehenga and other outfits made just the way you want it.

Color Choose your lehenga color without any limitation. Just express what you are wanting to wear and get the designers help you visualize it with some quick designing. While Red color has always been the evergreen one, the off beats like pink, blue, green are quite trending these days 😊

bridal lehenga collection
Bridal Lehenga

Fabric – Next is the Fabric you want, understand it from the designers and decide on which fabric will look best on you. It can be decided based on the wedding season, your body and of course your choice!

Design and Handwork – You are the one who can decide on what kind of handwork you need; do you need an intricately designed lehenga or a light ornamented one! Just exercise your options and have it the way you want it. Ask your designer to help you with different design types, what is best for season and fabric you choose and lastly see if you want to show off with some personalized story that may want to have on your lehenga.

Lehenga Designs
Choosing a Bridal Lehenga Color, Fabric and Work!

We at Maakshi have also got a quick guide for your easy reference on ‘How to choose your lehenga color, fabric and amount of handwork’ in case you need any help in that too!

#4 You are super assured of Quality of your lehenga!

No one would question on the quality of the outfits, if these are made after so much transparency in choosing the fabric, handwork material etc. So, going with custom designing assures of superior quality than any ready to wear outfit.

Lehenga choli design
Lehenga Designs from Maakshi

#5 Exquisite and exclusivity at justified cost and rather at lesser cost than Pre-designed outfits

With all this personalization and customization, you are assured of an exclusive outfit, which you can of course flaunt it the way you want it 😊

And trust us, this doesn’t cost a bomb! Rather it comes if not cheaper, then, equal to what a ready design would cost. So, think wise and do not skip on your choices. It’s your wedding Afterall.

Wedding Lehenga choli design
Maakshi Handmade Lehenga

Maakshi is a designer label for bridal lehenga and wedding couture from MUSH. Each Bridal Lehenga or any Indian Dresses for wedding is 100% handmade using traditional Indian craftsmanship. We at Maakshi aim to make your Bridal Experience a memory that you can cherish for your lifetime. We ensure to take your lehenga experience to the next level with personalized approach and unique designs that we make!

Now you can book your Free Appointment with our expert designers to ask any questions related to your wedding lehenga for bridal wear and other outfits by connecting with us by dropping an email at [email protected] or simply WhatsApp us!

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