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10 Types of Lehenga Style for Your Perfect Ethnic Moment!

Lehenga Choli is one of the most expressive attire when it comes to Indian ethnic clothing. ‘Bridal Wear‘ or any sort of ‘Wedding Wear’ cannot be even imagined without it. While fashion does its sinusoidal time and again, we have listed down the most appealing lehenga designs which will just add to your grace, charm and fashion quotient! Each of these style has their own perfect fit. So, explore the style which appeals you the most!

#1 Flared Lehenga

This lehenga style is a complete traditional and one of the oldest yet evergreen form in the list. This has always been the first choice as a bridal attire. As the name suggest, this type of lehenga adds a lot of volume below the waist. Best fabric to go with such a style is usually silk, crepe, brocade and georgette. It can add a great value to hourglass, rectangle or straight body shape. One can know her body shape by clicking here.

Flared Lehenga Style

#2 Panelled Lehenga

One of the most important benefit of this style is that, it gives a slimming effect and hides that extra flab. This type of lehenga consist of panels of fabric attached at the end of the flare. The panels are usually made of contrasting fabrics and used at the end of hemline, which adds to the colourful design appeal. Such a lehenga is best for attending an ethnic function or someone else’s wedding.

Panelled Lehenga Style

#3 A-Line Lehenga

A simple yet classy form of lehenga, wherein the outfit has a usual A-line giving it a perfect A shape. Number of pleats are usually lesser with flares at bottom and tight at the waist. Best made from chiffon, cotton, new silk, georgette, brocade. This is a best style for a tall body structure. One of the advantages of this style is the flexibility with blouse design it can be combined with.

A-Line Lehenga Style

#4 Saree Lookalike

This style of lehenga gives an illusion of a saree but actually it is a Lehenga. One can do away with hassle of wearing a saree by going with this choice. The saree look is basically due to draping of the dupatta over the lehenga. It looks great on almost everybody type, however the petite women can give this a skip.

Saree Style Lehenga
Pic Credit- Yogendra Singh

#5 Sharara Lehenga

Such lehengas are stitched from the middle of the hem like a trouser or a plazo but appears like a lehenga as a whole. Best paired with long kurti’s, these are commonly a choice of Muslim Brides. One can also choose to wear them in a festival or any simpler ethnic event as well. This style looks best on someone who’s taller or is broad body structure.

Sharara Lehenga style

#6 Straight Lehenga

This lehenga is like a straight skirt that flows along with the body shape and doesn’t give much of the flares unlike other styles. Best thing about this is that it goes with almost every body type and considered a great option for any kind of event or a function. Given this is a skin hugging style, one needs to be a little careful with choosing right inners in this case. One can choose to wear a crop top or any other style of blouse too.

Straight Lehenga Style
India Runway WeekThe Bride Collection

#7 Jacket Lehenga

The addition of Jacket in this style of couture just adds to your personality and the oomph factor. One can go with a long and loose style jacket with a good embroidery work on it. This style is a helps women who are skinny by creating volume.

Jacket Lehenga Style
Pic Credit – Women Items

#8 Fishtail Lehenga

Imitating mermaids these kinds of lehengas are tight at the knees and flare starting from calves, giving it a fishtail appearance. Since these are tight at the hips and waist, these should be worn with a right inner beneath. Furthermore, fishtail lehenga is perfect for the girls who are looking for an attire to accentuate their curves.

Mermaid Lehenga Style

#9 Crop Top Lehenga

This lehenga style is purely defined why the length of the choli or blouse. The lehenga that goes best with this is wither a straight cut, A line or a fishtail one. A Plain crop top or a plain silk embroidered look is the best way to go with such a style. One of the advantages with this is that it can be flaunted by both short and tall women.

Crop top lehenga style

#10 Indo Fusion Lehenga

Fusion style takes care of many fancy elements that fashion comes up with. Off shoulders wrapped around cholis, long sleeves choli, and a different style combination of lehenga and dupatta gives a different look for many occasions. Such fusion lehengas can be worn for a reception or a cocktail night.

Fusion Style Lehenga

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