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Perfect Shades of Bridal Lehenga Choli for Your Skin Tone!

The wedding is forthcoming, reading the blogs everyday means the hunt has already has begun with your designer Lehenga Choli for wedding. Well we do understand the challenge it throws to anyone! There are a few things to keep in mind while shopping, sure this blog will clear all your confusions and let you choose the Perfect Wedding Lehenga for your Perfect Day!!

If we go by the classics, most of the brides go for a traditional red color bridal lehenga, ask yourself if red is really your color! While red suits everyone and its known to be the color of BRIDE, its noteworthy to see if you would like to go a little different than cliche.

Most of the brides do have their favorite colors, if not Mainstream. So, important here is to ask what is your choice of color? But yeah, think about whether the favorite will suit you or not. For eg, if neon is your favorite color, it is not going to suit any skin tone for the D-Day. 

So, there are certain colours which are meant to suit a particular complexion like, Red might suit a dusky bride more than a fair skin bride. While a pink wedding lehenga is more suitable for fair skin brides rather than dark skin toned brides.
Be cognizant enough of your skin tone while you choose your color of the lehenga as you are the Bride, and you want to look just Flawlessly Perfect.
You can break and bend the rules according to your choice.

Don’t try to just follow the Trends. Be You, Be Classic!

Buying a wedding lehenga choli for bride becomes easy if you relate it based on your skin tone type. If you’re unsure about your complexion, these simple tips will guide you.

  • IDENTIFY YOUR SKIN TONE : In India we usually have 3 skin tones; Fair, Wheatish and Dusky.
Lehenga choli for wedding
Skin Tone Types
  1. A Fair Complexion is defined as pale, white or light.
  2. wheatish complexion is defined as light brown skin, same as the colour of wheat.
  3. A Dusky Complexion is defined as light brown, ashen as swarthy.
    There are mainly 2 skin undertones : Warm and Cool 

It is a very minor but very important determining factor of which colour suits you. Relax, it’s very easy, no rocket science ~ Check it like this :
Grab a piece of white fabric and off white fabric.. Stand in front of mirror with full lights, check which tone makes you look brighter, if white then you have cool undertone, if off-white then you have warm undertone. Similarly, it goes with al colour shades.

Got it right !!!!

So now after we are done with identifying your skin tone type, we hope you are pretty much clear about your complexion and undertone so that you can now decide on which colors to chase and ask your lehenga maker 🙂

We have got some indicative list here, about the colors you can choose as per your Skin Tone:

Indian dress for women
Dusky Diva’s from Bollywood!
  1. Fair : Lemon Yellow, Scarlet, Bubblegum Pink, Light Green, Sky blue
  2. Wheatish : Lilac, Red, Orange, Chrome Yellow, Ivory ,Leaf Green and pastels.
  3. Dusky : Yellow Ochre, Maroon, Pumpkin Orange, Olive Green, Navy Blue, Purple, Rust, Brown, Jade and Emerald

So, this blog was just written to lower your anxiety and clear your confusions, as we know how difficult it is to buy a BRIDAL LEHENGA!
Pick a colour which you can carry confidently and happily – that’s what matters the most.

Remember, the best thing you can wear on you D-day is
Happiness !
You glow differently when you’re actually Happy !!!!

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