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Desi Guide for Desi Bride – Lockdown Bridal Care!

Getting that best avatar of yourself for your wedding is always a biggest quest, and with current lockdown, it is one of a challenge, which will just multiply with new extension and social distancing rules. But guess what, there is nothing to worry about. We got a super easy desi guide for all the lovely bride-to-be to take care of your needs, to get that iconic avatar by the time your wedding day knocks your door. So, go ahead and make use of these easy five to-do’s for desi style regimes!

# 1 – Desi tarkeeb for stronger and denser hair for awesome bridal hairdo

Bridal Lehenga

Hot Oil Massage – Yes, some warm oil and that gives you the soft and shiny look. Apply it overnight and washing it the next day will also help do away with frizzyness. You can use coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. Ensure to massage it for 15 minutes twice a week for 2-3 months and just see the results.

For getting that hair growth, take 2 teaspoon honey, small bowl of curd and mix it well, apply on your scalp. Leave for 30 minutes and then wash with warm water. Yes! warm water so that you can wrap your hair with a towel after wash. This will give you spa effects.

#2 – Nani ka nuskha for perfect glowing skin for those beautiful wedding clicks

Bridal Lehenga

Now, the skin is a tricky thing to tackle. But worry not we got your back!

Take a paste of besan and a dash of haldi mixed with some milk with malai and rose water if available. Just apply this paste once a week and for two months to see best results with bright, soft and smooth skin!

Use lemon once a week to do away with those blackheads. Take a slice of lemon and just rub it all over your face and you are done. You can mix it with honey if you have it and it will give a good moisturizing and anti-ageing effect.

Take steam twice a week with some mint or neem leaves in it. This makes your skin so much fresh and breathable.

Whenever you got some 15 minuets to kill, just take a grated raw potato and apply directly on your skin. Let it dry and then wash it off in 15-20 minutes. Vitamin C will add a bright tone to your skin.

#3 – Sattvic diet to get that healthy and fit body

Bridal Lehenga
Sattvic Diet

Trust us, this is the best diet a bride-to-be can ever have. A perfect balance in your body, mind and soul is what you end up with.

Start you day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice in it. This helps remove harmful toxins from your body as a result your body is devoid of ailments. Include green leafy vegetables, sprouts and avoid heat inducing foods like meat, fish, onion, garlic etc. this is easy for your digestive system, which helps with great bowel movements and clear skin.

Add ghee in your diet. Yes! You read it right. Add right amounts of ghee in your diet. And yes, the most important thing. Eat at a set time every day. A very basic but extremely powerful. No meals should be eaten within 2 hours to sleep.

While you maintain these eating habits, we also have a cheat day for you. Practice fasting once a week 😊 Yes it’s a different kind of cheat day! Abstain yourself from having tea, coffee or alcohol and also the artificial sweeteners. Few more food items may be included are the dairy products, unsalted nuts and seeds, legumes.

#4 – For that perfect smile and Inner happiness go yoga!

the Shilpa Shetty app

Absolute must for ensuring everything stated above works perfect for you. No intense workouts leaving you energy drained for balance of the day. Rather just follow three things and you have arrived 😊

Daily practice of 15 repetitions of suryanamaskar, 2 planks of one minute each and 15 minutes of meditation with deep breathing. 12 weeks is what you need to see the best outcome of this.

#5 – Show your big day mijaz with ‘Handmade Bridal Lehenga’!

Shades of green for Bridal Lehenga

Ditch the old style of ready made and common designs that you get to see on bridal lehenga shopping.

A perfect handmade and personalized bridal lehenga can be created with different craftsmanship styles such as Zari, Zardozi, Embroidery or Kalamkari etc. Choose from what you feel goes with your taste and style. This guarantees you for two things; one is the best fit that will be nowhere found and second is the joy and experience of bridal lehenga just made for you.

We at Maakshi understand weddings and what it means for every bride-to-be. Connect with our fabulous team of bridal specialists at [email protected] or simply book a free appointment to discuss your requirements, doubts or help that we can provide to make your big day the most special one 😊

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