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Complementing Wedding Outfits for the Bride and Groom!

Wedding outfits for a bride and the groom are the kick off in a wedding ceremony. Every bride and the groom make a great discussion on their wedding outfits. Color of the outfits are particularly important, neither they should get stuck with traditional colors nor turn themselves up with the trendy color palette. The outfits are carefully picked to compliment the décor hues, location, and their favorite color palette to look impeccable in photographs. There are ways to flaunt the outfits without mirroring between the two. Even though the bride and groom choose their favorite colors for their big day, it can be still made complimentary with their motifs in outfits, fabric, and accessories. Most people tend to choose monotone, but those a thought can be given on contrasting hues too. Let’s have a look what goes well and how to complement each other on their wedlock.

Complementing Colors

Although Indian weddings follow traditional colors like red and yellow, today’s millennial brides and groom like to go for the trendy colors of 2021. To showcase their presence to be unique and attractive they pick up colors like pastels, English color and nudes that have been trending tall. Brides have been pulling off some stunning color combos such as ombre and multicolored with all grace and beauty and eventually match with their partner.

Pastel color wedding outfit

Complementing Patterns

If the bride and the groom prefer personal styling in wedding outfits like complementing patterns, they can match themselves with the printed fabric. The bride can go for a printed lehenga and with the same piece of fabric goes for a jacket of the groom. It need not always be the case to go floral but can be embroidery too. The lehenga skirt of the bride which is dense with detailed Zari work. The groom too wears a sherwani which is also dense with similar Zari work. The dupattas of both the bride and groom are solid with minimal motifs and density of embroidery. This wedding outfit with identical embroider patterns gives a royal touch.

Wedding outfits for bride and groom

Identical Dye

If the couple like to go for identical hues, then it is better to choose a range of colors and then finalize a shade which suits both. These matching outfits give a smart and united appearance. While choosing bright colors though, as a full-on match, it may still look striking, so it is better to be careful. To make the bridal outlook more peppy and fun, hues like blue and yellow spotlights the occasion. Yellow reflects happiness, the bride wears a silver tassel detailed sleeveless blouse paired with sheer lehenga and the groom matches with yellow kurta and grey Sadri to have a contrast.

Wedding outfits for bride and groom

Monochromatic Color

Monotones is one that is made up of different tints or shades of single color. The choice of choosing dark monotone schemes, depends on couple choice based on their wedding spot and complexion. The pastel and nude hues will coordinate better to give chic look and tie them together with better Coordination.

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Wedding outfits for bride and groom

Contrasting hues with Complementing Accessories

Contrasting with brides and complementing with accessories is personal and makes the big day more creative. The bright colors of bride’s lehenga like purple, red, pink or peach goes well when a groom wears a contrasting color like beige or cream and adding colored accessories to match the stunning bride.

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