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The Millennial Brides of 2020!

Let’s start by asking ourselves a quick question!

What comes to your mind when you think of brides of 2020? What will come to your mind when 10 years down the lane someone talks about the year 2020?

Maybe it’s a  year where crowd has become lesser, but families have come closer 😊

Brides of 2020

“Brides of 2020” is a landmark event in our entire history. The year 2020 itself is a novel year (with all the pun intended) and the weddings & other ceremonies are way too special with your near and dear ones in real terms!

So, let us get ourselves tuned to specifics of what it looks like to be a ‘Millennial Brides of 2020’

The Beauty Affair

Unlike other times, the bridal care package starts at home and very close to nature this season. With unlimited face masks, face scrubs, illuminators, hair masks, body scrubs using natural herbs and home-made grandma secret remedies. Natural vegetable and fruit juices to get that glow from within.

(And naturally your skin will be smooth and soft- thanks to the virus for making us stay indoors and inhaling the steam)

Beginning of Celebrations

Location-The celebration has become more intimate and in places like backyards and terraces adding a unique twist to the entire wedding culture in India.

Jewellery-The jewellery is heirloom, which you had an eye on since you were a young girl. And now you can adorn it with pride and loads of joy!

brides of 2020


We are at a social distance of 6 feet apart but super active social media for good hours of our day. Make the invites happening and trendy, with so many challenges during the lockdown we have become a pro at making videos and playing tambola. Go creative and make a fun invite for your fam to jamm.

Pre-Wedding Excitement

Chilling-Packing your bags and flying off to an exotic location with your girlfriends is the dream vacation but having the best pajama party with coordinated outfits and gifts for your bridesmaids in town with your girlfriend’s in millennial style is one thing you can cherish forever.

The Lehenga Affair

“Sustainable Designs” is the new mantra!

As the year ‘2020’ is divergent let’s get a divergent bridal lehenga for you and not the usual way. Let yourself explore the custom made and handcrafted outfits for your wedding. Additionally this year is all about focusing on sustainability more than ever. Opting  for your dream lehenga, which is personalized for you, which speaks you and the individual you are, beautifully handcrafted with the traditional artworks of our country, that  are rich in culture and heritage.

A lehenga that has a bigger hemline than a hole in your pocket, but fulfils all your aspirations or imaginations of your ‘dream wedding outfit’.

Coordinate your mother’s, sister’s, bridesmaids, outfit with your lehenga and let your tribe match your vibe.


This wedding season is all about fun and games, in short, an ideal family vacation, where there are only rays, ray of joy and ray of laughter and unlimited memories to cherish for forever and after.

Brides of 2020

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