You are currently viewing Seven Sutras before the Seven Vows to keep that Bridal Anxiety away!

Seven Sutras before the Seven Vows to keep that Bridal Anxiety away!

Happiness is the best thing that makes any bride more beautiful. While a little nervousness and anxiety is natural, there are moments when one just cannot control her thoughts and things go out far than imagined. Specially, in these times when the world is under lockdown, its more than common to feel more curious and anxious than ever. So, if you are also one of them who is fighting your anxiety, here are a few tips from us which will help you keep your calm and not let your bridal glow fly away. We are sure these counsels will help you in overcoming your anxiety by the time your big day is there!

#1 Fix your morning ritual at least 90 days before your wedding

Bridal Morning Rituals
Bridal Morning Rituals

Yes! we mean that you follow a routine every morning, keeping it simple, just plan your first three hours of the day with little exercise, some light music and a good breakfast. Such a controlled morning not only keeps you away from any unnecessary confusions to start the day but also prepare you for best version of yourself 😊

#2 Plan your day in advance with a Task list or To-Do’s which you want to accomplish

Bridal Plan your day
Full Day Plan with a To-Do List

If you are a working professional then just start with your office after your morning regime and If you are at home, ensure you plan to utilize your time doing something engaging. If you have little idea of what to do, then our recommendation will be that you follow –

  1. Join a short duration course of your interest or pursue your hobby
  2. Get involved in your wedding planning, that ways you will also shoulder the work with your family 😊 We have got a special blog to decide on your bridal lehenga and bridal entry ideas for your big day!
  3. Start connecting with your friends and family, trust us, this the best time to get yourself that love from everyone!

#3 Prepare a 90 days bucket list of things which can strike off within this time frame

Bridal Bucket List
Bride and Bucket List!

Who doesn’t have a Wishlist 😊 Just go all out and prepare your dream list of To-Do’s before the wedding. It need not be carrying the heavy weight activities which remain in the list itself during this period. Even the smallest of the points can give you enough excitement that’s needed! Our advice may be taking one every day!

#4 Get that list of comedy movies and go for them!

Bridal Comedy Movie
Comedy Movies

It is rightly said that Laughter is the best medicine, it is such a powerful tool for managing and reducing stress when emotions are running high. We understand as its the wedding time and there’s lots of work to do but trust us take out some time with family in night, munch on some popcorns and wafers and turn on your laptop for some great laughter session 😊

#5 Dance your heart out with your friends or Siblings

Bridal Pajama Party

A Wedding house and no dance probably not the possible thing. Tune in your favorite songs and dance on the beats with your best friends or siblings and create your crazy moments to cherish later. Dancing reduces the stress rapidly as putting on some physical stress on the body helps you relieve the mental stress. It also affects the mind by giving a sense of satisfaction.

#6 Keep Reminding yourself of No Caffeine and No Alcohol

Bridal Diet
No Coffee and No Alcohol

A healthy diet means a healthy bride. Somethings are harmful for body especially when you are already stressing out. Caffeine/Alcohol is one of them and is a stimulant too! This makes the high caffeine and alcohol intake extremely unhealthy with anxiety. Its jittery effects stimulate your “fight or flight” response, and this can make anxiety. Keep a balanced diet in place with some fresh juice, green tea, lots of water, milk, coconut water, etc. as that will keep you away from stress triggers and will also let you be hydrated so that you glow. 

We have a got a special edit for Bridal Care! Read through to get your routine right 😊

Bridal Diet
Healthy Bride with Healthy Diet

#7 Aromatherapy with a scented candle and light massage at the back of your ear

Bridal Aromatherapy
Bridal Aromatherapy

Great Aromas are best for reducing anxiety levels, nervousness and stress by bringing a change in brain waves to more relaxed state. A simple act of lighting a scented candle for 15-20 minutes and listening to a soft music will just do wonders. To make this best if you can have someone massage you at the back of your ears, you will ease out so smoothly enabling a better sleep.

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