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Complete Guide to Choose & Buy A Designer Bridal Lehenga!

Indian weddings are known for their style, grandeur, rituals, and magnificence. Weddings in India vary according to the region, religion, community and the personal preferences of the bride and groom and also they include multiple functions right from betrothal which is popularly known as “Roka” to marriage reception, and in the middle of all this, the beautiful bride-to-be and her Lehenga has to look just “Perfect”… yeah, as all eyes are going to be on her!

However, we also understand that choosing a wedding lehenga design is a mission and can leave you baffled and can replace the natural glow and blush with a frown on your forehead. We know as a Bride, how hard is to pick what you want, but we got your back, so read through and stay relaxed. We have made a list of few important points to help choose your Perfect Bridal Outfit for you big day.

Wedding Lehenga Designs
Indian Bridal Lehenga

A. Lehenga – Lehenga for a Bride-to-Be should definitely be decided basis the season of the wedding. There are different picks and trends for different season and we have classified it broadly into two: Summer Wedding and Winter Wedding!

Wedding Lehenga Design
Wedding Lehenga Designs

Summer Wedding – If you have got your wedding between April to June, that is a summer wedding. However keep a check for temperature basis your location. Down South it might still get hotter earlier than April!

Important point for a summer wedding is that you should choose a light weight lehenga. Weight of a lehenga can depend on two things one is fabric and second is the amount of work it has got.

Wedding Lehenga Design
Red Wedding Lehenga

Winter Wedding – If your wedding dates are anywhere between October to February, then consider yourself to have a few more and different options for your wedding outfit. You can go with a gaudy bridal look and it would just gel perfectly with the weather as well. An intricately designed heavy lehenga with any work which you prefer can be picked up!

# Fabric and Color

Indian Dress for women
Wedding Outfits

For Summers, choose fabrics that are lightweight and yet elegant, something which is breathable and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during the whole ceremony. Chiffons, Georgettes, Brocades, Crepe, Organza and a Tulle are great for the small functions and the D-Day both. But you can split up these fabrics for smaller occasions and go far a complete Banarsi Attire which will look heavy on your D-day.
You may also want to give your attention to trending Ikat/Ajrak printed Lehenga these days, which are super comfortable and offbeat too!

Indian Dress for women
Bridal Lehenga Designs

For Winters, Fabrics like Velvet and Raw Silk are the best. Not only do these fabrics look rich and royal but they will also protect you from the chilly weather outside. They drape well and add a royal touch to the look as the fabric itself is elegant enough. Moreover, they look good even with minimal work. Our recommendation goes with Raw Silk, which looks just awesome for bridal lehenga.

# Lehenga Work

Summers are known for high temperature and humidity in many parts of the country and hence do not get allured by heavily embroidered or sequins, zari work on a lehenga, rather go for lightweight embroidery work like Mukaish or Gota Patti work to keep it simple and yet graceful.
Avoid layers of can-can in your lehenga, or else you would find yourself uncomfortable with all the heat due to cancan! So go without a can can with some extra flares or with detachable can-can so that you can remove it later in case you still want to have cancan.

Indian Dresses for women
Wedding Lehenga Design

In winter you can go on with full Embroidery or Zari work as that looks amazing with silk and velvet. Go with layers of can-can as it will generate some heat inside and will keep you warm throughout. These days you should go for a Handmade Lehenga‘. A typical handmade lehenga can be designed with many kinds of art work to make the outfit look really extraordinary and flamboyant.

B. Blouse – You can pick any design of the blouse given there are so many options these days. Neck, Sleeves, Back & Shoulder design makes it a sophisticated couture! Consult a good bridal wear designer if you have any doubts rather than taking a chance.

Wedding Lehenga Design
Blouse Designs

For summer weddings we recommend to go with a simple and light work. you may choose an off shoulder and an open back design as per your comfort. You may also decide to go with same colour as of lehenga, contrast or Lighter/darker shade of lehenga. For a winter bride, one can choose a according to the quantum of work in wedding lehenga design. A full or half sleeves should be a choice with close back design.

Wedding Lehenga Design
Intricate work Blouse Design

3. Dupatta – That’s a bigwig whether to go with Double Dupatta or a Single Dupatta! Dupattas can change the whole look, they can make everything topsy-turvy and unwieldy as well. A Dupatta style can actually make you look slim!

Bridal Lehenga
Double Dupatta
  • Classic Saree Drape
  • Front-Flow Dupatta
  • Back-U Dupatta Style
  • Double Dupatta Style
  • Double Side Drape
Bridal Lehenga Design
BridalDupatta Style

In Summers, we recommend to go with a single dupatta if its an outdoor event, because two dupatta’s will make you feel hot with more fabric to be managed. However, if it’s an indoor event you can opt for double dupatta, but do keep in mind the choice of fabric again!

For winters, definitely drape a double dupatta as it looks classic and elegant with winter fabrics and more of fabric around you will keep you warm throughout the event.

3. Fitting – Once your wedding outfit its ready and in your hands, it is always wise to try the entire ensemble. Especially if you’ve bought the lehenga a few days/months before your wedding, then it is important to try it at least three times before the due date so that if there have been any changes in your size, as all bride-to-be are extremely health conscious during pre-wedding period and may observe changes in their body measurements! Try your entire outfit as below:

  1. When you have your full wedding outfit in your hand once its ready
  2. Two weeks before your wedding day
  3. Five days before your wedding day

Try in front of your Mom (Or Sister/Aunt)
Well, we’re not saying that your judgment can’t be trusted when it comes to your own fittings, but your mom has years of experience and wisdom she will make sure to point out all the possible flaws (if any) in the lehenga fittings and will guide you if any alterations/ fittings needed.

4. Bridal Budget – Nope, not joking! You might, actually you will, get super excited and chances of exceeding your budget. The cost of bridal lehengas varies a lot. Hence decide on your budget beforehand.

The cost of Wedding Lehenga Design varies to an extreme. However a differentiator in most of the cases is the fabric quality, type of work and other material such as laces, threads, stones etc. and the most important is the type of make. A machine made lehenga vs handmade personalized lehenga will have gap in their price. However, the cost will be justified when you see the fit and the finish you get with these personalized and handmade couture. One smart way to bring down the cost of handmade outfits is to go with a complete trunk of your dresses with one designer of your choice.

Maakshi, designs and offers a 100% handmade and personalized experience in Bridal Couture! You can book your free appointment with experts from the design team to understand and clarify any doubt that you may have regarding your wedding outfit.

This blog is just written to guide you and help you decide on the Perfect Wedding Lehenga Design for all the beautiful bride-to-be out there as we know all the difficulties a girl faces while going out to decide on her Wedding Day !!!

The best thing that you should wear before your Lehenga is Smile and Bubbliness !

“Happiness is what looks gorgeous on Brides !”

Team Maakshi

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