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5 Jewellery trends for bridal essentials in 2021

With the new innings of 2021, we stay high with hopes of positivity, and to bring the year back to normalcy from the unprecedented pandemic. Right from the social gatherings, auspicious occasions to wedding and many more, the year 2020 retained us into frames of online spaces. The celebration that is meant to be celebrated more exceptional is planned lighter and crisp. Yet there is a charm in the weddings of aspiring brides. Add on your beauty with the wedding jewellery trends that rule 2021.


Necklaces are the earliest type of adornment owned by humans. They often serve ceremonial ,religious and also used as a symbol of wealth and status. Necklaces go with all wedding attires and are the preferred choice for all brides. It emphasizes feminity, the charm, the elegance and the fine curves of a gentle neck.

Choker Necklace

A choker is an elegant and sophisticated style on their big day. It fits the neck perfectly and gives a stunning look.  The modern look of the choker goes well with lehengas and sarees.

Jewellery Trends

Satlada Necklace

It’s a traditional necklace with layers. These layers are not heavy weight designs, they are thin and embellished with different pearls. We can layer it with a choker style necklace and accessorize the wedding attire very much mesmerizing.

Jewellery Trends 2021

Bib Necklace

This collection is similar to baby’s bib around the neck. It suits the event either mehendi, baraat and reception. The traditional look of these necklaces covers collar bones. Short neck can avoid bib necklaces and choose styles that fall lower on the chest. Big earrings can be avoided with bib necklaces. Bib necklaces with crescent hangings are one of the in demand designs of today.

Jewellery Trends 2021


Wedding jewellery trend travels back to the traditional way and stays unique to give a complete look.


The beauty of the bride is complete with a creative  addition to the Indian head jewellery Mathapatti. The Mathapatti is embedded with sparkling stones inspired from Mughal and Chola period.

Jewellery Trends

Maang Tikka

It is an essential accessory for the bride and brings a delicate look .Wearing a Maang Tikka in accordance with the size of the forehead minimizes the heavy bridal look. A bride with broader forecast will look good with heavier maang tikka and  a light delicate one will suit the smaller forehead. Maang tikkas is usually made with the bridal jewellery set.


Earrings are best complimentary jewellery with  the necklace. As earrings should be worn for a longer period for the entire marriage ceremony ,it should be selected carefully keeping the company in the mind. If the bridal wear is a pastel shade the best option is to opt for stone studded or Kundan and for a darker shade it is better select a complete gold plated earrings. Here we have trendy wear for bridal outfits. To read and know more about how to choose your bridal lehenga follow the link and enjoy your bridal shopping.

Chand Balis

Sweep your look by wearing chand balis that are in trend now. Inspired from moon, chand balis acquired its name and shape. This pair of earrings is well to go with lehengas or salwar suits.

Shoulder Earrings

The latest trend and style are the option for the brides. The dazzling long shoulder earrings make the bride glow and its eye catchy. Brides can choose the long earrings based on their hairstyle.

Jewellery Trends 2021

Big Rings

A big ring which is an influence of western culture is a trend that sweeps the bridal world this year. Wear these large rings and set your style to perfect on your special day. Gold rings seems to have  gone out of fashion and millennial brides prefer the trendy stone studded finger rings matching to their attire.

Jewellery Trends


A variety of heavy and light anklets with ghungroos are special for the wedding ceremony. Anklets come in antique, silver plated ethnic and with bead works. Anklets are considered auspicious and it is also considered scientifically it is connected to the reproductive organs in women’s body  to keep  good health. Anklets with intricate designs with traditional elemEnts are preferred by the bride and stands out in craze.

Jewellery Trends 2021

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